Our Story


The Churro legend says that Churros were the invention of nomadic Spanish shepherds tending after the "Churra" Sheep of the Iberian Peninsula. The Spanish shepherds created the pastries and named them "Churros" as they resembled the horns of the sheep.

After visiting Churro stands in Mexico, it brought back childhood memories of the streets in Santiago, Chile eating Churros and watching how they were made right in front of you.

After reading the legend of the Churro it sparked an interest to visit Spain and do a bit of research of their origin. My wife and I tried the Churros there and fell in love, especially the hot chocolate they dip them in.

The Spaniards brought these pastries to Latin America and each country has added their flair to them. Mexico added Cinnamon sugar. In South America, Chile, Argentina and Brazil, they eat them plain (no cinnamon sugar) or filled with Dulce de Leche. Some even sprinkle powdered sugar on top.

I then enrolled in Churro School back in Spain. There I learned the history, preparation and business.

We decided to bring these pastries to our town and prepare them is such a way that one can experience how they are prepared in front of you just as you were in the streets of Spain, Mexico or South America.

We make the Churro in it's simple original state from different cultures, we also  add a variety of ways of preparation to be able to create your own by adding such things as glazes, toppings and ice cream to please all palates from around the world.

We hope you come to visit us and enjoy a Churro made the original way or your way.

Jared Naumann and Family